Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi Again

hi here i am back again.. the days go by sooo fast. i will be back to work tommorwo... i still cant believe i actually missed work for a few days with an injury!! i am rarely sick let alone injured. it was really wierd... anyway im back to work tommorow... today went by too fast... i had a good nights sleep last night, spent today cleaning a bit, yard work, and bbq some salmon.. yummy!!! had a bunch of company this evening and before i know it its 10pm... time for bed.. oh yes and my tomatoes, peppers, irises, egyptian onions and flowers are coming along fabulously... i also bought a really really cool plant called BAD HAIR DAY... this weekend its very cute and very curly and funky... gotta go for now im a bit tired... and its off to work tommorwo.. thanks for reading...

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