Friday, June 8, 2012


Hi all, mike and i just got back from a couple of days on the coast of maine., we had a good time. it was great to just stop in shops and check stuff out and be at the beach, and NOT HAVE TO GO TO WORK, and we had amazing lobster rolls at Reds Eats in wisscasit maine.. so good.. you cant even beleive.. i am going to spend the last tow days of my vacation trying to organize.. my junk.. im going to put some stuff out for a yard sale. i will also do some bbq and figure out what i want to do for the giveaway.. so please leave me a comment here on my blog and i will put your name in for the drawing.. hope to hear from lots of you.. thanks for reading!


  1. Cheryl, I first discovered your Plumkrazy from our Mary Janes Farm forum and loved it. Now I discovered your are entertaining and adorable how you write and what you write about. Hugs, Joan N

  2. My brother and SIL go to Maine every year from Boston to celebrate theor anniversary and were just there a couple weeks ago. Of course they sopped in at Reds so they they could get a Lobster Roll.

    Thanks for the giveaway as it's always fun to think of winning. :)

    -missy- aka pennyhenny #4003

  3. hi dear hen...just love all the cool buttons you have on your etsy site...the antique jewelry is also nice...don't see much of that anymore....hope you have a great day....Michele' Hen #2622 aka batznthebelfry.