Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Over and Out

well thank goodness the colo is over... really not that bad.,,, very inconvient  but not too bad... everything went very well and i dont even need to think about another one for ten years!!! yipppppeeeeee..... now to get throught hte dentist tommorow and all my hideousness willl be over for a bit...  cant wait..
my cousin peggy got a new dog and she named him JIM how hillariously funny is that???? peggy is the funniest person ever and to name her dog JIM so prooves it..
back to the prep.. becuase of it i havent been able to be as active as im planning to be. didnt quite dare walk for the past couple days (if you know hwat i mean)..
so  a nyway i also listed a new piece in my etsy shop today.. a very very cute tote. wanna see it? isnt it cute?? would love to hear your comments.. thanks cheryl

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