Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whole Lot of Buttons

I found a huge tin of buttons at an estate sale, and went through them the other day!!! So much fun, its amazing what you can find in a huge tin of buttons.. I found weird pieces of metal, stamps,hooks, brass curtain hooks, old coins,pins,fastners,and of  course buttons... So after about two hours and two really really dirty hands later here is how I sorted it all out! I have listed some in my etsy shop  I put some of them into two Ball Ideal Jars
 Oh and did I mention a couple glasses of a nice merlot??? Anyway here is what the time looked like, and the smaller tin that I put all of the really really cool and rather large buttons in
 so here they are...     and then I had to put all of the other really funky stuff I found in another container.. and here they are
 how cool is that??? I will be putting more of this stuff in my etsy shop after I have looked at it and loved it for a while, I just cant part with it yet..  stay tuned for more of my BUTTON BONANZA.. have I ever mentioned that I probably have enough buttons to fill my little blue volkswagon beetle??? well I think I do!!!

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