Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Im so thankful to My Lord Jesus Christ for all of His pain and suffering so that I can have eternal life! Such small words for such a Big Love. I found myself thinking mean thoughts about someone today and immediately thought how dare I when He suffered so much for me. I,m hoping I can remember this everytime I have a bad thought..  
I just finished reading The Knitting Cirlce by Ann Hood.. soosososoosososososososo good. it was a fictional book about her grief journey of her daughters death. She also wrote a memoir of grief called Comfort.. both were incredible,, im glad I read comfort first, and I just stumbled upon the kinitting circle.. I could not put this down..  I hope I can start another book today without being too disappointed that its not The Knittin Circle.. Thanks Ann Hood, for putting your emotions on paper for us all to share.

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