Monday, April 28, 2014

Check It Out

My husband and I hit a fab estate sale the other day. Its always a thrill here in northern maine when the yard sale season starts.. You can see a few of the treasures by clicking on to the link at the beginning of the post. I loooovvvvee the little vintage lipstick caddy. Im not even sure that's what it is called, its darling it looks like a crown with a mirrored bottom and lipstick holders, still sure I want to say goodbye to it. And I put two troll dolls up for adoption to a good home.Love the homer laughlin gravy boat, the cute bird glasses  , and how about the JUST A SWALLOW shot glasses?? so freaking cute..
I have tomorrow off, not sure what I will do. I do know that I have to get all my goods organized (probably never happen). If the weather would warm up, I could get into the garage and categorize some stuff.. but still a bit chilly.
Lets see what else must I do heres a short list wonder if I can get it all done on my day off, list follows

loose 20 pounds
totally clean house
make some fabulous necklaces from old jewelry and keys
knit at least 20 pair of slipper socks
read a good book (just read a good one called Gap Creek) if I thought I had it rough I felt privaledged after reading that book
sort and price some stuff to take to the flea market (I have to drive 5 hours to NH)
bring some stuff to a local shop to sell
attend my Tuesday night bible study

I guess that's enough for tomorrow... hahaha ok so I eggzagerated a bit, but do hope to accomplish a bit! the Bible study for sure.. oh and I will try to get a nice walk in. I really need to start walking everyday to take of some poundage..

I will really try t commit to daily posts.

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