Friday, January 6, 2012

Signed Quilt Pieces

these are really pretty cool... i just listed these four quilt pieces in my etsy shop plumkrazy i have had these for a while and decided to start clearing things out. there are four quilt quares. three are signed one is not. i can make out that the last name is Palmer but thats all i can fiugre out.. what a great mystery quilt... so much fun to add to a quilt or frame as is.. i hate to part with them but im not a quilter and i think a quilter would have much more fun with these than i.
i did  about ten minutes on my treadmill today, vaced and washed two bedroom carpets, made lunch did some laundry sorted through some stuff listed some items on my etsy shop now i go to work in an hour. im already wiped out and my workday hasnt even started yet.. oh and im going to a pampered chef party after work. although it will probably be over but i will have a cocktail with my cousin.. talk later

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