Sunday, January 15, 2012

Handmade Cards

obviously i stilll have lotttsss to learn about taking photos... these are some of the cards i made tonight.. very cute. im going to take them over to my firend jennefers salon HAIR ENVY here in millinocket.. just to see if maybe i can sell some.. im still toying with opening a shop i found a great little space and the rent is cheap.. just not sure if i should or not.. i go back and forth... anyway the pics kind of suck but the cards are pretty cute. i am soooooo tired lately its pathetic really.. i slept till noon today.. had plans to go out grocery shopping but the figid wheather chnaged my mind for me. i need an pantry purge anyway.. so i really need to plan some meals and use up the pantry itmes i have in my cupboards. i would love to hear from anyone who is reading my blog just to know someone is there...
i am planning on going to an estate sale this friday im really looking for ward to it.. crazy i know but im addicted.. tonight when i was making my cards i constanltyl looked for stuff that i know i have but couldnt find it... but i need to go to the estate sale... my etsy shop is not selling anything..poopers. im hoping to see some activity there soon..
im not taking my medication.. my husband says im edgy already, but i really would like to stop for a month and see if i can loose some wieght... i really think thats one of the reasons i cant loose is because of my antidepressants...  i wish i could find the majic bullet to work for me... dont think that will ever happen... oh well enough babbling.. off for now.

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