Sunday, November 27, 2016

More Snowpeople

check out these little gems I will be having in a craft fair im doing... its actually not a normal craft fair it is being held at the elks lodge in my towm Millinocket Maine and will be a fundraiser for a local humane society group. I am not a member I am just going to be in the fair. and the interesting part of this is that its a ladies out night type thing where it is from 4 pm to 9 pm and there will be a bar open for cocktatils how fun is that's??  anyway im working on quite a few things but here is a basket of snowpeople I will seel them with a bag and tissue paper for five dollars each the perfect inexpensive gift. also I painted on a slate today a snowperson dancing in the snow

whoopsie a bit crooked but I don't know how to turn it around.. the next picture shows the bags I will put them in..
pretty cute
now for my snowguy with his face to the sky catching snowflakes
I would love to hear some comments.. thanks

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