Monday, January 19, 2015

Vintage Bible

I just listed some really really cute vintage books in my etsy shop... one is a vintage bible and has some really cute little surprises tucked into it. also a vintage book for the gardener, a cute little photo book and another cyclopedia with some vintage rusty skeleton keys with it..  im trying to get out of my winter slump and force myself to be busy!!!
Also maybe of some interest my husband has lung issues and any type of chemical really bothers him so I decided to try some home made cleaners, and thanks to pinterest and the internet I came up with one I really like. and I had him test it out and it didn't bother him at all!!! I simply heated some water, put in a cup of vinegar and some dawn dish detergent and added to a spray bottle. worked great!!! and didn't bother mike at all...  I also have used baking soda and put in my toilet bowl and added vinegar and it fizzes up and cleans the bowl great! so I really feel good about that!!!
I will go into work at 3:30 this afternoon .. I would love any comments to let me know someone is reading this!! thanks for the encouragement..

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