Friday, February 22, 2013


imm a hideous blogger... i cant even get out of my own way.. guess its from livivng in the north maine woods... during winter  might i add... anyway.. working lots, traveling a bit, knitting some, reading some, sleeping a lot, or should i say im not sleeping well so im tired all the time.. dreaming a lot, watching the jodi arias trial when i can, and may i say my cousin has the entire set of dexter dvds from beginning to end, so we will be watching those soon.. i have so much i want to do just cant motivate myself...  right now im wathcing tv cooking a marinated pork loin raost with potatoes and carrots, and thinking i need to put some items on amazon .. and i need to do some reading, and i need to write some notes, do some more cleaning.. a million things to do and no enefgy to do any of them... yeegads...  shall try to get back to my blogging schedule soon...

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