Sunday, February 19, 2012


OMG... I have really had quite a couple of weeks.... Lets see where to start!!! Well. last week mike and i went to a town north of us with my cousin patty and her husband dale.. we did some junkin.. LOOK WHAT I FOUND....   In case you cant tell what this is is TWELVE QUART size jars of VINTAGE BUTTONS.. yes im shreaking with button glee.... i thought i would pass out!!!! my husband is used to my junking but Dale just couldnt get over how excited i was to find this BUTTONBONANZA..... Im still freaking.... and it must have started a snowball button extravaganza because i have been finding large lots of buttons all week... what fun we had... i told patty i know were old because the boys sat in the front and we sat in the back and i was knitting.. we then had lunch at a fab resteraunt with delish food.. it was a great day..

And if that wasnt enough fun!!!! My friend Fran called me today because her grandsons were here visiting and i havent seen them in years and years. so we got talking and i find out that they like junking. so i suggested be go to a real junk pit.. now the funny part is fran and her daughter are very germ phobic... so they were dying , but the boys and i were in junk heaven...there was a huge pile of junk in a dark corner well of course we had to check it out. so we sent kyle (the smallest) in over the pile.. he would hand marcus a box and marcus would hand it to me until he could get under the pile...It was Fab... kyle just kep finding one treasure after another.. they were sooooo cute. at on point marcus said  WERE JUNK DRUNK.... how funny is that!!!!!Well needless to say we got tons of fab junk... heres a pic of some of it. OK that alone is enough.. but what i also got were a presh set of vintage floral dishes and cups and saucers... i will get a pic on at a later date.. also several suitcases and a couple of typewritters..  TOO MUCH. what a great time we had.. they are so adorable. i hired them as my personal pickers.. so when they find good stuff they will buy it for me... it was nice to spend some quality time with them.. lots of fun..
whoops see the two boxes above this paragraph?? (im not to good at posting pics)..
anyway mike and i went to tractor supply the other day and i saw these little goodies. inside each box is two  discs to plant in a container.. one is the Flower rocket and the other the Tomato rocket... cant wait to see what happens with these.. must wait for spring!!!
oh yes also found a great shop called Ginas... i bought a fabulous piece she made ... its a neclace with a small vintage salt shaker on it.. i plan to wax over the top and put someof my brothers ashes in it with some other great pieces. i have some special things that will go great with it... i will call the piece PIECES OF A SHATTERED DREAM... i miss him so much.. this will be a way to keep him close and pay tribute to him... love you dave...
gotta go.. time to clean up my junk pile and go watch the real houswives of atlanta...

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